Tips and Tricks

Do I have to make a reservation?

Yes, reserving a spot is highly recommended and mandatory for some parks. Please inquire at the park of your interest.

How can I make a reservation?

By phone, contact the desired park directly. Some parks offer the option to book online. Consult the parks online page for more information.

What are the forms of payment accepted?

Cash, debit, or credit.

What is the duration of the activity?

It’s about 1h30 for the Course Les Petits Aventuriers and 2h30-3h for the Junior / Adult Course.

What should I bring?

We advise you to bring all the necessary for an outdoor experience (water bottle, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, raincoat...).

An ID is required for the equipment loan.

What should I wear?

  • Closed Sports Shoes (no sandals accepted)
  • Comfortable clothing adapted to the activity
  • Avoid wearing jewelry and sunglasses
  • Long hair should be tied

Is there a weight limit restriction?

Yes, there is a weight limit restriction of 275lbs. Unfortunately, the parks are not equipped with safety harnesses for people over this limit.

What happens if it rains?

We do climb rain or shine and ask that everyone dresses accordingly to the weather. In case of heavy rain and thunderstorms, the park reserves the right to close the circuits.

What happens if it rains while doing the activity?

It would be up to the guide to suspend the activity. If the activities were to be canceled an evacuation procedure will be put in place. If the weather improves, the activities can be resumed. Otherwise, the park will close.

Can we get a refund if the activity is interrupted do to bad weather?

Depending on the number of circuits you have completed, a partial or total refund may be made, or a new entry will be offered. Each site has its own pricing and refund policy. Inquire directly with the site.

Is the activity only for athletes?

No, each person moves at their own pace. The courses are progressive in terms of difficulty and height. A participant may decide to stop at any time during the course.

Do the guides accompany us during the courses?

No, the guides will give you instructions and train you before departure. They will make sure that you understood all of the instructions by making you practice on a demonstration course. Once you are ready, you can access the courses and continue independently. Guides will monitor the courses from the ground.

Can children do the courses alone?

No, children in the Little Adventurers Course must be under the supervision of an adult on the ground. In the Junior / Adult Courses, anyone under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult during the activity.

Can children do the courses several times?

In general, children are allowed to do the Small Adventurers and Small Squirrels Course twice. Inquire directly at the site where you plan to go.

What happens if I cannot continue a course?

A guide will come to help you, and If you cannot continue the course, he will accompany you to the nearest ladder. We advise you to respect your limits.