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Ludik Adventure

Ludik Adventure

A new collection of games suited for kids

These are play structures that are installed at 0.50m – 0.70m from the ground level (20 to 28 inches) and based upon the concept of tree adventure trails.

Guaranteeing the installations’ top security level and the quality of materials that are used are a priority for evaluating our overall products. Games made out of wood, wire, thread and rope can be installed on trees or wood poles.

This concept allows kids between 4 and 12 years old to enjoy playing by developing their skills. It also boosts alertness, creativity, balance, accountability, autonomy, competitiveness.

These play structures are specifically convenient for camping sites, day camps and for promoters who wishes to offer a place of adventure and discovery that will complement their activities.

Ludik Aventure installations were put into place in Saint-Félicien, Mirabel and at Aquarium du Québec Park.

Games are easily reachable from the ground level. No equipment is necessary to complete these activities.