High Wire adventure course

High Wire adventure course

Various names, such as adventure course, aerial tree adventure or high wire adventure course, are used to refer to this playful and sporting activity that is often set-up in natural environments, urban spaces, indoors and outdoors.

A course consists in a sequence of at height games made up of ladders, zip lines, bridges, Tarzan lianas, logs, swings, surf… which rely on natural assets, such as trees or rocks, for support. Games can also be set-up on man-made structures.

This activity can be enjoyed both by the general public than by schools, day camps or companies, and is available to all, kids and grown-ups, people of all activity levels, alone, in family or in group.

Courses with varying difficulty levels are put into place to allow each participant, whatever his or her ability is, to pursue the course safely and at their own pace.

Each participant is equipped with a harness, safety lanyards, carabiners and pulley. They are always attached to a lifeline all along the course.

This type of activity enhances qualities such as a sense of autonomy, surpassing oneself, team spirit and cohesiveness.