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Equipment Sale

Equipment Sale

General Terms of Sales

1- Application of Terms of Sales: These terms apply to sales transactions that are made in Canada and that are brought to the buyer’s attention. Any order that is made implies compliance to these terms.

2- Approval of orders: An order is deemed approved only after it has been confirmed in writing by our Company.

3- Prices: Prices of products are determined by the operative rate on the day the product leaves the warehouse. Prices are in Canadian dollars before tax, and are liable to modification without notice, according to economical fluctuations. Shipping cost is at the buyer’s expenses.

4- Terms of Payment: Invoices are payable in cash and without discount at the Company’s head office.

5- Delivery: Delivery of products is at the risk and expenses of the buyer. The buyer is responsible for verifying and to be prepared upon the arrival of the equipment, in addition to filing a claim to the transporting company within a prescribed period of time.

6- Delivery time: Delivery time is indicative and is given without commitment. Delay of delivery should not account for the cancellation of an order, nor result in indemnity or penalty.

7- Claim: In order to be admissible, any claim of visible defectiveness or non-conformity of a product should be filed by registered letter within 5 days after receiving the merchandise. Returns are only authorized if the Company has accepted them beforehand. Products can only be returned free of postage to the Company’s head office, in its original packaging and in perfect condition.

8- Warranty: The buyer declares to have been notified and understands the application of the general warranty terms. In regard to Petzl products, the contractual guarantee is effective for 3 years and covers parts and labor only, in the event of a manufacturing defect.
For netting and ropes, the warranty which covers manufacturing defects consists in the replacement or free repair service of the defective merchandise while taking into account usage of the product as well as installation conditions.
For wood furniture, upon proof of purchase, a 1 year warranty can be obtained by the manufacturer through your supplier. Shipping and handling fees may apply.
Normal wear and tear, non-appropriate usage, as well as damages caused by an accident, neglect or usage that is not intended for the product are not covered by the warranty.

9- Technical specifications: Details (dimension, weight) pertaining to nets, ropes and furniture are indicative-only. The Company declines responsibility for any accident that can occur to individuals or things with the use of the products supplied by our Company.

10- Retention of title: Our Company has ownership of the delivered merchandise until payment is made in total.

11- Force majeure:
Our Company will be discharged of its obligations in case of an event beyond its control which prevents or delays the delivery of a product, liable by contract as a force majeure. It will also be in effect in case of any type of event that occur in our environment or in the environment of our suppliers and subcontractors, such as a lock-out, strike, epidemic, embargo, or accidents which concern equipment, machinery breakdown, transportation disruption or delay, procurement impossibility or any other event beyond our control which could lead to total or partial unemployment in our Company, our supplying company or subcontractors.

12- Assignment of Jurisdiction – Applicable Law: As an express agreement, in the event of litigation between two parties at the time of their commercial exchange, exclusive jurisdiction will be assigned in the Laval Court of Law (Quebec – Canada), regardless of the place of delivery and means of payment.
Sales are subject to Quebec laws in its entirety. In the event of litigation in regard to the application of these amendments, the French version of this enactment will prevail.


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